Wearables for Manufacturing

EyeSight is video collaboration technology that allows your offsite experts to see and hear like they were in the field.

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Never Wait for an Expert Again.

Improve equipment uptime and cut travel costs by instantly deploying your experts for…

Remote Field Service

With the ability to remotely spread senior technicians’ experience to any work site, even a brand new tech can get the job done right.


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    Make the most of your senior techs, by enabling them to support multiple colleagues remotely.

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    Reduce second trips by virtually deploying the second tech, rather than waiting for them to drive.

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    Retain valuable field expertise! Offer retiring techs a chance to crack complex field cases without getting in a truck.

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Quality Control

No matter how experienced the onsite technician is, a senior eye “over the shoulder” ensures quality work. It’s just like having your best tech onsite at every job.


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    With your experts scaled virtually across jobsites, they can cover more work, and lift overall quality.

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    What’s more, remotely supervising experts are off the road, and don’t incur any travel expenses.

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    With an eye into the field, supervising experts can more easily document field cases (both good and bad).

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Training and Support

Traditional training staffs a trainee on-site with a trainer, to follow them around and learn by osmosis. Instead, let trainees watch experts work via live video and ask questions along the way.


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    Scale training resources by enabling one-to-many training from expert techs, through live or recorded video.

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    Lower the opportunity cost of training. Remote demos, coaching, and supervision are more efficient for trainer and trainee alike.

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