Wearable Solutions for Insurance

EyeSight is video collaboration technology that allows your offsite adjusters to see and hear like they were onsite.

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Give Instant Second Opinions

Whether inspecting before binding a policy or adjusting a claim, EyeSight lets senior staff remotely monitor whoever is on site. An extra set of ‘virtual’ eyes can improve accuracy and avoid the expense of sending two people onsite.


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    Senior/specialist adjusters who don’t waste time in transit can adjust more claims per day, increasing productivity.

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    Save on travel expenses, by sending a single adjuster to act as the boots on the ground for complex multiline claims.

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    Every inspection is an opportunity for gross leakage. Mitigate the risk with an instant “sanity check” from a more seasoned pair of eyes.

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Accelerate Cross-Training

EyeSight allows you to easily cross-train your team across multiple disciplines and departments at a lower cost than traditional training models that rely on in-person job shadowing.


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    Scale training resources. Enable one expert adjuster to live-stream and narrate a complex claim adjustment to a room full of remote trainees.

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    Lower the opportunity cost of training. Remote training demonstrations, coaching, and supervision are more efficient for trainer and trainee.

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Adjust Remotely

Like a shadow adjustment without the man on the ground, remote adjustments via wearables or smart phones allow your customers to send secure video directly to a desk adjuster, who can assess the loss from afar.


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    Use your policyholders as the first set of eyes; guide them through a remote walkthrough while you inspect from their point of view.

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    See loss securely. EyeSight is 128-bit AES encrypted, so your remote eyes can safely view sensitive property.

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