Wearables for Inspectors

EyeSight is video collaboration technology that allows your offsite inspectors to see and hear like they were onsite.

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Remotely Share the Expertise of TIC Teams & Auditors

Learn how to scale your team’s ability to deliver trained, experienced, and high-quality inspectors to every work site.

Perform Shadow Audits

Send a junior inspector to a site while a senior inspector monitors the inspection remotely. It’s just like having an expert there but without the travel and opportunity cost.


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    When your experts can work from a desk, you need not spend a fortune physically sending them to every site.

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    What’s more, expert productivity increases, as they are free to spend more time inspecting and less time traveling.

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    At scale, your “shadow” capability enables you to offer any expert inspection service anywhere, so long as someone is on the ground.

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    With expert eyes watching “over the shoulder” of your field inspectors, you can ensure that they meet standards on every job.

How much can you save on supervision?

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Inspect Remotely

Rather than sending an inspector to a site, leverage the people already there. Guide customers through inspection procedures via smart glasses or smartphones.


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    A completely remote inspection incurs zero travel expense, since your inspectors can work all territories from a central location.

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    Rather wait for your staff to travel on-site, your customers can call on your expertise as needed and enjoy a truly on-demand service.

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    Fewer hours in transit means more throughput per inspector. EyeSight is the plug-and-play scalability booster for your team.

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Train Faster, Scale Faster

Traditionally, worksites pair a trainee an on-site trainer to follow them around and learn by osmosis. Instead, let trainees watch experts work via live video and ask questions along the way.


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    Scale training resources. Enable one expert auditor to live-stream and narrate their work to a room full of remote trainees.

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    Lower the opportunity cost of training. Remote demos, coaching, and supervision are more efficient for trainer and trainee alike.

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