Healthcare Wearables

Pristine EyeSight allows your medical experts to supervise remotely anywhere, any time, on-demand.

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Video Communication Solutions for Healthcare

The only HIPAA-compliant video communication solution for smart glasses like Google Glass, Vuzix, and Epson.


Unlike legacy telemedicine systems, EyeSight is unobtrusive and hands-free. Care teams can call in specialists while directing their attention and care to the patient.


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    Senior medical staff can see the problem without going on site. They can walk on-site staff through complex procedures.

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    Clinics and hospitals can drastically increase their reach in rural and historically hard to reach communities.

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    EyeSight is the only HIPAA-compliant video communication solution for smart glasses.

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    Cut labor and hospital costs in half with preventive care, early interventions, and rehabilitation delivered through high quality home telehealth consultations.

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Internal Support

Consult specialists of any discipline at any time. A clinician with smart glasses carries has the entire clinical team at their disposal.


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    Though optimized for smart glasses, EyeSight supports any device, including smartphones, tablets, and existing investment in telemedicine cart infrastructure.

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    Virtual specialist consults are initiated sooner and completed faster. Without the need to travel, specialists can help more patients.

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    With POV video on smart glasses, every midlevel can share the patient in front of them with an attending or resident, live and hands-free.

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