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Essential Reading for Enterprises

Learn how companies like UL and Bureau Vertitas are succeeding with Pristine EyeSight.

ROI playbook for wearable pilot programs

The ROI Playbook for Wearable Pilot Programs

Learn how enterprises that rely on field service and distributed workforces are generating real value today from smart glasses.

Three ways smart P&C carriers are adopting smart glasses

3 Ways Smart P&C Carriers are Adopting Smart Glasses

This guide explains how insurers are transforming claims management and improving underwriting accuracy with smart glasses.

Smart glasses power smart service

Three Ways to Drive Customer Satisfaction with Google Glass

The essential resource on how enterprises use two-way video to scale large organizations and drive better service at lower cost.

Wearables for Insurance

Wearables ROI Playbook for Insurance

Learn how carriers are implementing wearable programs that streamline claims management, underwriting, and training costs.

Wearables for Insurance

The First 120 Days of Piloting New Technology

Find out what happens month-by-month when piloting new technology. These strategies can be applied to any technology, not just ours.

Rethink Field Service with Augmented Reality

Rethink Field Service with Augmented Reality

Improve productivity up to 30%, reduce downtime, and bridge the skills gap with augmented reality.

Join Fortune 500 enterprises that are multiplying their workforce and closing their expertise gaps with Pristine EyeSight.