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Why You Should Uberize Your Insurance Adjusters

Erin Feldman Business Transformation, P&C Insurance

“There’s an app for that.” “Uber for X.” You’ve probably heard both phrases so many times that they’ve become white noise. Everybody has an app; everybody has a great idea for how their startup could be the next Uber and turn a certain market sector into an on-demand paradise. But a number of “uberized” companies have failed in the past …

The Secret to Success with Technology Projects: Stay Focused

The Secret to Technology Project Success: Stay Focused

Erin Feldman Customer Success

As we’ve worked with customers to implement EyeSight, we’ve had numerous conversations about the importance of a validation phase, sometimes called a pilot project. We believe that validation phases are critical to long-term success, both for EyeSight deployments, and technology projects in general. They not only mitigate the risks inherent to technology investments but also facilitate adoption. Most importantly of …


3 Ways for CIOs to Measure the ROI of Wearables

Rafael Encarnacion The Pristine Story

Last we checked, 43% of companies had formalized a senior innovation role, e.g., Chief Innovation Officer, Director of Innovation, etc. If you fall into that 43%, you know how challenging it can be to develop innovation-based success metrics. Success metrics go beyond simply number of ideas generated. Your enterprise ultimately wants to see innovation’s real-world impact to the bottom line. …


5 Reasons Technology Projects Fail and How to Prevent Them

Erin Feldman Customer Success

Despite information technology’s growing importance to the workplace, it’s a fact that many IT projects fail either by not delivering expected results or exceeding the budget and timeline. The question, however, is why. Why do IT projects fail? More importantly, what can you do about it to counter cost overruns and irrelevant technology solutions? Those are great questions to ask …


Change Management: How to Address Employees’ Concerns

Xina Seaton Business Transformation, Change Management

No technology implementation or strategic investment is complete without some employee resistance; in fact, a lack of resistance may be one of the best indicators of a disengaged and dissatisfied workplace. Employee feedback, even criticism, is the hallmark of a business open to new ideas and one in which employees care about and are invested in company outcomes.


The Future of Geotechnical Inspections

Erin Feldman Business Transformation

Between groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting, builders, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen are exposed to all sorts of dangers. However, they aren’t the only ones. The technicians who perform geotechnical inspections throughout the construction process face the same risks as the men and women using backhoes, cranes, hammers and nails.


Aligning Your Organization to Achieve Success

Xina Seaton Change Management

Businesses invest in technology to improve the efficiency of existing business functions, empower innovation, and enhance productivity. Accomplishing these goals isn’t only about the technology, though. It also requires a change in work processes and, ultimately, in people’s behaviors. For this reason, implementing a new technology is as much of a change management project as it is an IT project.