About Pristine

We put the Eye in team.

Our Mission

We multiply the skills, knowledge, and capability of your workforce by enabling your most seasoned experts to be available anywhere, on-demand. Inspectors. Auditors. Technical Experts. Supervisors. These seasoned professionals are the expert eyes and ears of your organization. Our collaborative solutions allow you to instantly scale the knowledge of these experts, and in doing so, rethink how to best utilize these valuable human resources for maximum effect.

Our Team

Where else will you find a physicist and a software engineer having a roundtable discussion on the theory of gravity waves and binary black holes while a bearded code-tester regales his experience as the notorious Internet celebrity, “Dancing Mustache Guy?” We keep Austin weird.

We are a talented team of coders, testers, customer success managers, engineers, marketers, and strategists that are helping enterprises re-imagine how best to use their experts. Attracting the best in-house talent means providing the best amenities, which is why we offer:

  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Health, vision, and dental plan
  • Free lunches from Austin’s best restaurants and food trucks
  • Company stock options
  • Unlimited supply of Welch’s Fruit Snacks
  • Paid parking, bus passes, and train tickets
  • Game room with Xboxes, guitars, pool tables, and more


Join the best team ever assembled since the ’85 Bears.

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Leadership Team

Peter Evans | Pristine CEO

Peter Evans

Mark Troutfetter | VP Engineering

Mark Troutfetter
VP Engineering

Lori Lowe | CFO

Lori Lowe

Lori Lowe | CFO

Chris Delvizis
Head of Product

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