Pristine EyeSight

Pristine EyeSight is the only HIPAA compliant video-based communication platform optimized for Google Glass in healthcare environments. EyeSight securely streams real time audio and video from Google Glass to authorized iOS devices, Android devices, Macs, and PCs anywhere in the world. EyeSight solves the problem:

"I need help. Can you come over here and look at this?"

This is a problem that medical professionals face in every care setting. EyeSight connects those who need help with those who have expertise to improve access and outcomes at a lower cost.

EyeSight in Action

Pristine EyeSight Wound Care

Wound Care

Wound care nurses are using Pristine EyeSight to securely beam in a wound care physician in 1st person. While performing the telemedicine consult, wound care nurses are free to use both hands in patient care.

Pristine EyeSight Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Emergency responders are using EyeSight to beam in specialists in 1st person into the field and the ambulance. Hospital staff are using the EyeSight video feed to prepare to receive the patient in the ER.

Pristine EyeSight ER

Emergency Room

Patients spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for specialist consults in the ER. Using Pristine EyeSight, emergency nurses and physicians can beam in specialists in seconds. EyeSight is dramatically easier to use than traditional carts: it’s handsfree, 1st person, and never gets in the way of delivering care.

Pristine EyeSight Anesthesia


Anesthesiologists are using EyeSight to help monitor anesthesia delivery in non-OR settings – OB, GI, ER, and IR – and in remote surgical centers where highly trained anesthesiologists are often unavailable.

Pristine EyeSight Surgery


Surgeons are using EyeSight to livestream cases in 1st person to residents, fellows, and surgeons at medical centers across the world. These individuals no longer have to crowd the OR, slow down cases, and expose patients to unnecessary infection risk. EyeSight is also powering intra-operative consults across the planet.

Pristine EyeSight ICU


Independent studies have demonstrated that traditional tele-ICUs aren’t cost effective because they require enormous capital expenditures. With intensivist residents and nurses using EyeSight in the ICU, ICUs are extracting most of the value of a traditional tele-ICU at a fraction of the cost.